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The best lucid dreaming tips and tools you could dream of

How to have a Lucid Dream

How to have a Lucid Dream?

What else can be done if the simple lucid dreaming tips and techniques in my previous posts below are not effective enough, or if they are only partially effective for you? In this case a good solution might be to ask an expert for help (as in all aspects of life…).

In my case that action provided me with a breakthrough. I kept on searching until i found something new from these guys who should be called the lucid dreaming gurus 🙂 . I started to get a lot better results a lot easier with my conscious dreams after i got a copy for myself of their easy-to-follow but very comprehensive online educational course on this subject. Of course it wasn’t enough just to have it on hand, but i had to go through it and practice again accordingly to its guidelines but it was easy after all. This is an extremely powerful material, a “three-barreled rifle” 🙂 .

All of these three components has helped me significantly to explore many more lucid dreams than before when i was just trying my best but only based on my own research and findings. These are the three components of this material which really did put me onto the next level:

  • A book with all the important information to begin your journey – it is a complete explanation of the lucid dreaming meaning
  • A workbook. It’s a compact and informative guide – you can experience lucid dreams more frequent and deeply
  • Audio files with guided meditation and lucid dreaming music, which gives a lot of help for everyone who has had no experience about meditation before.

Are you curious about the details? I will show more about it soon…

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