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A few more lucid dreaming tips in a short video

Check out this short video on the most used and practiced tips.

These are the top 9 tricks based on the experiences of so many practitioners.
I’ve checked 2 books, 2 online digital lucid dreaming products (one was hard to use, the other one was rather useful) and around 25 websites which took me about 45 hours of research over a 2 months period of time.

You could do the same, or save some time and just try them straight away : )
I know it sounds unbelievable, but these are the very best lucid dreaming tips and techniques that work for everyone after starting to practice them on a daily basis.

Watch the video or read it’s script below and you will know in less than 10 minutes how to have lucid dreams fast. In my opinion this is not only the most common but also the most easy ways to lucid dream as well.

Lucid dreaming tips 1: Sleep enough

A well-rested conscious mind is much more likely to become awake and alert in a dream. Go to bed early. Get plenty of sleep.

Tip 2: Dream Journal

Write as much of your night’s dreams as you can recall, including details.

Tip 3: Gentle Waking

Wake slowly and gently. Don’t rush out of bed to begin your day with your mind jumping to your concerns and to-do list. Don’t move a muscle and don’t open your eyes as soon as you realize you are waking, wait a little.

Tip 4: Reality Check

Throughout your day at random intervals ask yourself sincerely: “Am I dreaming right now?”

Tip 5: Just watch, don’t do much

Lucid Dreaming Reality Check

Lucid Dreaming Reality Check

Before you fall asleep focus and decide that you will be patient and slow with your reactions while you are dreaming. If there is a dangerous situation in your dream its probably still the best to act quickly, because at the beginning you won’t be sure if its a dream or if its reality.

But to become aware that you are dreaming and to have a great lucid experience, it can help if during your dream (and also when awake – just to get in the habit of thinking this way) you pay attention to details. Investigate what you are experiencing before reacting automatically. The way it can help you in your quest is lets say for example you are sleeping and dreaming something, which you don’t know yet that its a dream. Lets say you find yourself driving a car and you can see that there is a dragon sitting next to you. If you don’t use your critical thinking, than your dream will go on maybe randomly.

Lucid Dreaming Tips and Tricks

Lucid Dreaming Tips and Tricks

However if you keep checking if what you see is actually possible or not, you can notice that it’s unreal, and that’s a good opportunity to assume that you are dreaming. When you are there, don’t act suddenly, just acknowledge that finally you are having a lucid dream with this awesome dragon. From there you can slowly take control of how the rest of your dream unfolds. I suggest become friends with the dragon, they are quite rare after all 🙂 .

Tip 6: Pinch test

The good old fashioned “pinch test”. If you are unsure that you are dreaming or not give yourself a pinch. If you are dreaming you won’t be able to feel this, so then you will know that you are dreaming.

Tip 7: Notice the signs of a dream

A lot of your ordinary dreams will have objects or people in them that could act as a clue to you waking up in your dreams.

Tip 8: Opening the doors

Every time you open a door do a reality check. – Try to push your hand through the solid door and question whether you are dreaming.

Tip 9: Falling asleep consciously

Each time while you are falling asleep repeat this: “I will be aware that I’m dreaming” . Each night as you fall asleep repeat to yourself: “I will know I’m dreaming” or a similar phrase until you drift out of consciousness.

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Lucid Dreaming Tips – what does it mean?

Hi everyone! This blog is about my lucid dreaming tips. Here I will collect the most important information and some tips about this topic.

First of all, I am not an expert of lucid dreaming but I am an enthusiast and practitioner with a satisfying success based on my research and practices.

You may ask what is the lucid dreaming meaning?! It means that you have a dream when you know consciously that you are just dreaming and you can keep dreaming about anything you want while you are in total control without waking up. So that’s the way you create the best lucid dreaming stories of the world 🙂

The brief summary of my own experiences: I knew about the definition of lucid dreaming for a long time. My first memory is from kindergarten. It is a characteristic feature of these dreams that you can remember every little parts even thirty years later 🙂 . Awesome…)
For a long time I thought that it’s just a spontaneous thing and it requires luck, nothing more. Sometimes I listened to my friends enviously while they talked about their lucid dreaming stories.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Many years later as an adult I attended a guided journey into my “past lives”. This lasted for several hours but sharply I only remember a few seconds. However I can recall those moments any time in a flash. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in an altered state of mind. What I saw seemed more real than the real reality! At this time my feelings (even ambient sounds and smells) were incredibly sharp.

Seriously… When you look at your “wife’s” eyes or when your “dream” father returns home from work (especially if you do not have a wife, or you did not know your father!) you don’t forget that. These moments can trigger significant changes in your life.

Recently I’ve discovered that lucid dreaming is the same experience. If you find the right technique it’s not only “fun”, but a great opportunity to explore the subconscious mind as well. You can fly, you can go through the wall… and you can experience “magic” events that can help you in life.

The lucid dreaming techniques are not difficult to learn and you can achieve success in a few days. The following entries will describe some more lucid dreaming tips about this topic.

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