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Lucid Dreaming Tips – what does it mean?

Hi everyone! This blog is about my lucid dreaming tips. Here I will collect the most important information and some tips about this topic.

First of all, I am not an expert of lucid dreaming but I am an enthusiast and practitioner with a satisfying success based on my research and practices.

You may ask what is the lucid dreaming meaning?! It means that you have a dream when you know consciously that you are just dreaming and you can keep dreaming about anything you want while you are in total control without waking up. So that’s the way you create the best lucid dreaming stories of the world 🙂

The brief summary of my own experiences: I knew about the definition of lucid dreaming for a long time. My first memory is from kindergarten. It is a characteristic feature of these dreams that you can remember every little parts even thirty years later 🙂 . Awesome…)
For a long time I thought that it’s just a spontaneous thing and it requires luck, nothing more. Sometimes I listened to my friends enviously while they talked about their lucid dreaming stories.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Many years later as an adult I attended a guided journey into my “past lives”. This lasted for several hours but sharply I only remember a few seconds. However I can recall those moments any time in a flash. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in an altered state of mind. What I saw seemed more real than the real reality! At this time my feelings (even ambient sounds and smells) were incredibly sharp.

Seriously… When you look at your “wife’s” eyes or when your “dream” father returns home from work (especially if you do not have a wife, or you did not know your father!) you don’t forget that. These moments can trigger significant changes in your life.

Recently I’ve discovered that lucid dreaming is the same experience. If you find the right technique it’s not only “fun”, but a great opportunity to explore the subconscious mind as well. You can fly, you can go through the wall… and you can experience “magic” events that can help you in life.

The lucid dreaming techniques are not difficult to learn and you can achieve success in a few days. The following entries will describe some more lucid dreaming tips about this topic.

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