About me

Hi everyone! Here are a few pieces of information about me.

My name is Istvan.

I’m a software developer and I work as a freelancer, but I’m also interested in every other aspects of the human perception and the human mind.

One of my favorite topic is the world of dreams. I have long been wondered: how to bring more awareness to my dreams as well.

During my life I’ve met many meditation techniques and one of these brought me to lucid dreaming.

We as humans are very diverse and hence our brains (and our minds) may be very different, however after all my research it seems to me that everybody can experience all the dream states by applying some best practices and/or tools.

I’ve put this blog together to collect the results of my research at one place and maybe to help others with my findings too if they are on a similar journey. So I’m sharing the most common solutions here which can help you and me to induce lucid dreaming ASAP 🙂